In our YouTube video, there’s a bit where Ruth is begging “Jimmy” to write ONE sentence and then ends up doing it herself……with her left hand.

It wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t true. In an effort to end the pain and suffering, I often finished my son’s homework. It was just plain futile at a certain point. Not only did he have to do the newly assigned homework, but he had to finish all the unfinished homework, and most of the time we were in the weeds…….again, it was like Groundhog Day.


What you don’t know is that I got called out by my son’s second grade teacher in front of the child study team……and I DENIED it….until they all jumped in and said they KNEW I was doing it!



And then I had to CONFESS! The child study team went all Perry Mason on me. I crumbled under the pressure and spilled the beans….

“YES! YES! I’ve been doing his worksheets! It’s true!”

But I won’t lie. I became a serial homework doer.

Forget about the feeling of impending doom with the really big school projects…….sigh. Add on top of that notes and reminders from teachers about homework due or missing. To make it extra special and right on cue, add my husband waltzing in at witching hour with a litany of questions regarding anything and everything that was getting done or not done.

I caved. It was kind of like something Ruth wrote about. On one day you might be a good mom to “Jimmy” by helping him out and relieving everyone’s anxiety. On the next you are an over-involved mom that is keeping him from growing and learning.

And what about siblings who HAVE to do it all on their own just because they CAN? Ruth and I have talked a lot about that. On one hand, Thank God … and on the other…….well……crap.

I must admit I have a recurring nightmare where I have ALL this homework and I can’t get it done or I can’t finish it or find it.

As we are in August and school is upon us, I am sure there is a mad scramble going on to finish summer reading for some. Every day like clockwork, moms and dads are asking their kids how many pages they have read……and don’t lie, some of you have used Spark Notes.

Our kid’s homework is OUR homework when they struggle.

I don’t know. Seems like something is wrong there.