About Martha & Ruth



We’re Martha and Ruth.

Years ago, we sat at a kitchen table, weeping, because school was about to start and we knew the battle that lay ahead – from homework, to discipline, to temper tantrums, to “forgetting” to do or turn in assignments, to getting out of bed, to full-blown school refusal…. and the inevitable teacher phone calls that would follow.

A few years later, we were crying again … this time, about “the bigger the kid, the bigger the problem” issues.

Hell, we’ve been crying the whole time … but we’ve been laughing our asses off too … and we figure if we can give just one other mother (or father, or caregiver) some relief, it’s all worth it.

So, this is for all the Martha’s and Ruth’s.  We are your future, and you are doing just FINE!


Martha and Ruth