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Great advice from another mom


I’m going to start a whole section on “Things I Wish I Had Written, and I’m Annoyed/Envious That I Didn’t, But This Is So Good/Worthwhile That I’m Going to Swallow My Envy/Pride and… Continue reading

You Know Those Mothers Who Swear By The Dr. Ferber Book?


I’m not one of them….. I’m sure that the Ferber book was a godsend to so many.  For me it was another lesson in failure. Sometimes the rules just don’t apply, but you… Continue reading

“LA LA LA LA LA LA LA … [Fingers in ears] … I Can’t Heeeear Youuuuu!”


“I can’t go back there. It’s too painful.” That’s what I heard from a number of friends a few months ago – other parents of grown-up “Jimmy’s” (and “Janey’s”) – when I asked… Continue reading

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain


Years ago when my son was first given his IEP and I was assured that all the extra help was in place for the year,  I received a cloak and dagger phone call… Continue reading

It Takes One to No One


I have learning issues and trying to find my way around wordpress is a complete nightmare.  I have anxiety just trying to copy and paste.  The truth is,  I am a lousy typist.… Continue reading