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And here are some questions that we are asking people we’re interviewing. If you’d like to participate, feel free to send us answers to any or all of these questions … whatever speaks to you most and that you would like to share.

(You can either write your comments/answers in the space below, and it will get emailed to us, or you can email us directly at marthaandruth at gmail dot com.)

Note – interviews will be ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL – you can pick your own name for when we might quote something you say! We will also be combining responses at times to create “composite” parents and kids.

What kinds of issues have you and your child been dealing with?

How have they manifested themselves and how have they affected your child’s family interactions, social interactions, school, etc.?

How has this affected you?

What was/is your anxiety level?

How did/does this affect your interactions with other friends and family?

How are/were your interactions with your child’s school? (and/or other activities)

Who was supportive? Who could you talk to? How did that help?

Who wasn’t supportive? How did that feel and how did you handle that?

What is the worst thing someone has said to you about your child?

What is the best?

Who gave you the best advice?

Who gave you the worst advice?

Is your child still scarred? Are you?

For parents of older kids – How have your child’s issues been a benefit to him/her as an adult?

How did you advocate for your child? How was that experience?

Does (or did) your spouse/family/friends/community understand how hard this is/was?

How did you keep your sense of humor?

Do you self-medicate during homework? 🙂

What are or have been your successful coping strategies?

When did you feel appreciated?

When did you feel judged or criticized?

How do you keep a sense of yourself when you need to give so much of it away?

How has this affected your marriage?

Does your child have siblings? How has this affected them?

What is the hardest part of this for you?

What is the best part?

What else would you like to share?

If you’re still in the thick of it … What would the most helpful thing for you now?

If you are past what you think were the hardest parts … What would have been the most helpful thing when you were in the thick of it?

What has been the most helpful thing for your child?

What are your success stories?

And … what have you done RIGHT? 🙂