Best movie EVER about a kid with issues

Best movie EVER about a kid with issues (in this case, dyslexia and probably ADD/ADHD) … and about the power of art, the power of a great teacher, and the power of parental love.

It is funny, heartbreaking, uplifting, and so creative in how it shows what it’s like from the kid’s perspective. It so beautifully and poignantly illustrates the parents’ perspective, too …

In short, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be inspired …

Just watch the first ten minutes to get an idea. But – warning – you may end up missing whatever you had planned for the next two and a half hours, because you may just need to watch this all the way through …. and you will be so glad you did! (Grab a box of tissues, though ….)

(Note – English subtitles start coming up after the title sequence, but if they don’t, click on “CC”)