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These Are a Few of the Sh*ttiest Things ….


One more song from the 60s … Here’s the “Martha and Ruth” version of “My Favorite Things”! (Click on the video if you want the music …) Notes from the teacher And missing… Continue reading

That [Issues] Mom!


Click on the video below to hear the music for the song! 🙂 Depressed No sleep Needs wine THAT MOM Homework Not done Tantrum IT’S THAT MOM! Her kid’s got ADD And SPD… Continue reading



In our YouTube video, there’s a bit where Ruth is begging “Jimmy” to write ONE sentence and then ends up doing it herself……with her left hand. It wouldn’t be so funny if it… Continue reading



I have often felt that my school morning  life was like the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray keeps living the same day over and over and over……. My Itinerary Drive #1 son… Continue reading

Targasm gone awry


It was one of those days when everything in Target was calling my name. I have a penchant for brightly colored notebooks, fun pens, organizers with lots of compartments and, this time, super… Continue reading