Monthly Archive: September, 2013



First grade.  First report card. You’re 6 years old and you get pretty much straight “F’s.”  It’s weird.  You seem to know a lot of what’s NOT important for first graders.  You can… Continue reading

Top 7 Responses to the Stupid Things People Say to Moms of Kids with Issues


Ahhh, those wonderful and “well-meaning” people who always have something to say about our “issues kids” and our parenting. We first wrote about them in our Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions post, but… Continue reading

Lean In, Opt Out, What the F*ck?


[UPDATE, December 2017 – I wrote this before Sheryl Sandberg’s husband tragically passed away. (I also wrote this just before heading into the eldercare vortex, which added another layer to the mix.) And… Continue reading

There’s Always A Critic!


I am the last person on earth to claim that I am a stellar mom. Quite the contrary. I have made mistakes left and right but, the one constant is that I love… Continue reading

Great advice from another mom


I’m going to start a whole section on “Things I Wish I Had Written, and I’m Annoyed/Envious That I Didn’t, But This Is So Good/Worthwhile That I’m Going to Swallow My Envy/Pride and… Continue reading