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You Know Those Mothers Who Swear By The Dr. Ferber Book?


I’m not one of them….. I’m sure that the Ferber book was a godsend to so many.  For me it was another lesson in failure. Sometimes the rules just don’t apply, but you… Continue reading

The Good News Is, It Gets Better. The Even Better News Is ….


I have a dear friend –I’ll call her Gina (not her real name) – whom I would always think of when my own kids were going through their stuff. Gina has two sons.… Continue reading

It Takes One to No One


I have learning issues and trying to find my way around wordpress is a complete nightmare.  I have anxiety just trying to copy and paste.  The truth is,  I am a lousy typist.… Continue reading

Accept the Journey


The two of us had completely different reactions when we were first told that our kid(s) had issues. Martha: “What are you talking about?! F*ck you! There’s something wrong with you, not with my… Continue reading

Best movie EVER about a kid with issues


Best movie EVER about a kid with issues (in this case, dyslexia and probably ADD/ADHD) … and about the power of art, the power of a great teacher, and the power of parental… Continue reading