Where’s The F@#king Handbook?

If I had a nickel for every time I said or thought that! If only upon the delivery of my son, out popped a handbook.

The other day while talking to him on the phone, he told me that he sees himself and his life as an exclamation point….. I’LL SAY! I replied that I am pretty sure I am a question mark, and I asked my younger son what punctuation mark he viewed himself as. He said that he was undoubtedly a comma.


My younger son does NOT have learning issues. But he does have stomach issues, and my eldest has admitted that he is pretty sure that he caused these issues and has probably screwed a lot of things up for his little brother…..for which he has said he is sorry……the boys talk….they are now good friends.


There was a time when they couldn’t be on the same floor. At night I would be upstairs with one and my husband would be downstairs with the other. My husband and I couldn’t go anywhere because various issues made my older son just plain miserable and therefore MEAN.

My husband traveled constantly and I was often on my own……..yep……I was living the dream!

In retrospect, I don’t know how I did it……I think that if you trust your gut or your inner “handbook,” you figure out how to handle things … even though to outsiders it can look utterly absurd.

One thing I DO know is that my boys would NOT be close if I had NOT kept them separated…

Just read this to my younger son, and he agreed … and added that he would be DEAD…..either that, or he would’ve figured out a way to poison his brother.

…..that, from my comma.  🙂