Exactly the Point!

In the last two days, I’ve had two friends (not connected at all) say to me – in relation to our blog – “I had no idea you were going through any of this!”


That is exactly why we’re doing this blog (and the accompanying videos, book, etc.).

Many of us who are “parents of kids with ‘issues'” tend not to talk about these things with other people unless we know they will “get it” … that they understand about the nail, that they understand about the back-to-school trauma, that they have been in the trenches and their feet are muddy, too.

Why don’t we open up to other people?

There are so many reasons, but stigma, shame and judgment from others probably top the list.

That, and the fact that we are just so overwhelmed trying to get through day by day, that we often don’t even come up for air.

So we keep it to ourselves.

bag on head

And as a result, we lose a chance not only to connect with others facing similar challenges, too … but to open up these issues to the world and show how valuable each person is, and what gifts ALL kids have, even if they don’t fit in the “perfect” box ………. actually … ESPECIALLY if they don’t fit in that “perfect” box.

But for us moms (and dads), the stresses of facing these challenges, and the anxiety of trying to get through the day, combined with the stresses of keeping it all inside in order to “protect” ourselves and our children from all the negativity, shame and judgement …. well, “overwhelming” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

And that is something that often gets lost in all the discussions around “kids with issues.”

It is also why there is so much power in the “me, too.”

I asked one of the friends mentioned above to spread the word to people she knew who might be interested. She responded, “Will do, but I’m not sure I know anyone in that situation. Hell, I didn’t even know YOU were!”

I wrote back,  “That’s actually one of the points of the blog, and the reason people often feel so alone and overwhelmed. You probably do know people in this situation, but you just don’t know it! It’s not something you can share easily (unless you know that someone else “gets it”). We’re trying to break that “stigma piñata” open for everyone.”

There is power in numbers, but only when all the numbers know they are in the same equation!

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + ………. =  knowing we’re not alone =  working together = MAKING CHANGE HAPPEN!!!