Targasm gone awry

It was one of those days when everything in Target was calling my name. I have a penchant for brightly colored notebooks, fun pens, organizers with lots of compartments and, this time, super cool white boards with fluorescent markers. It all makes me feel so hopeful. As if with my army of supplies I will manage to follow through on the multiple projects I imagine myself finishing. As if an organizer in a creamy teal color will bolster my creativity by organizing my thousands of Sharpies. Mostly, I am exhausted by the time I have unwrapped everything and organized all my other supplies and I never really make it to the project I intended to finish.

Nevertheless, while I was shopping my friend called me and I informed him I was having an orgasm in Target to which he replied, “Ahhhhh, a Targasm.” His phone call prompted a trip to the beach section for a new cooler and a beach chair…….and…..


The entire beach section was replaced with a big cheery sign…..



The walls were lined with a zillion backpacks in a zillion colors and styles. There were notebooks everywhere with crazy exciting patterns or with movie and T.V. themes. Pens! Pencils! Highlighters! Organizers! Colored pencils! You name it…..but, unlike the hopeful feeling I felt in the office section, I had an anxious creepy tingly feeling at the back of my neck and a deep revulsion in the pit of my stomach.

Having a kid with learning issues + school = battles, anxiety and stress!

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Summer had always been a huge relief. It meant NO SCHOOL. The heaviness, the pressure gone. A respite. I and my two boys would pile into the car the day after the last day of school and head to the beach. All the way there, we shouted out the landmarks that brought us closer and closer to our little mecca. The minute we arrived, we would walk the long walk to the beach through the dunes, and there we would breathe in the expansiveness of the ocean.

Our reality changed…..for a short time, anyway.