Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Years ago when my son was first given his IEP and I was assured that all the extra help was in place for the year,  I received a cloak and dagger phone call from the school O.T.

“Listen, I could lose my job so don’t tell anybody I called you, but, your son desperately needs O.T. and I don’t know WHY it’s not in his IEP!”

God bless her… frustrating it must have been to know she could help my son and feel like she couldn’t tell me for fear of being fired……..REALLY?

I was relying on the school to educate me so I could best help my son.  It made no sense.  SO WHAT if the school had a budget!

I would have done ANYTHING even if it meant reading the right book and doing O.T. myself!

I felt lied to and extremely protective of my son…….my trust in the system was shot.

So just like Dorothy believed she would get what she needed from the Wizard of Oz I believed that my son would get what he needed from school.

In many ways it was a good thing.  I figured out that I needed to educate myself and take the bull by the horns.  I found an awesome O.T. privately and what a world of difference it made!

Thank you, my cloak and dagger O.T. friend.