Walking a Mile in Our Kids’ Issues

Ever wonder what it really feels like for your kid in the classroom … from his point of view? Or wish that someone else did … like …. oh, I don’t know, maybe one of these people?

We love this video. Actually, this is just a clip; the full version, “How Difficult Can This Be?”, can be bought here.

Both of us gave copies of this video to practically everyone we knew when our kids were in elementary school! (We were probably the number one bulk buyers of Carol Kranowitz’s “Out of Sync Child,” too, but we’ll thank her in another post.) Not that dyslexia was necessarily the issue (it wasn’t, actually), but this video made such an impact on us and validated what we watched our children go through! The full video addresses other learning issues as well.

Keep in mind that these are all teachers. They are good sports, and you can see how much they learn through this process. For all the professional development time that schools spend on how to provide differentiated instruction (and it is A LOT), we think a good portion of that time could be even better spent by just showing this video, and having a discussion around what it brings up.

We can think of a few other people who should see it, too ….