Oh no, you didn’t!

We know we’re hitting a nerve – sometimes it’s the funnybone, and sometimes it’s something a whole lot more sensitive …..

Most reactions to our video so far have been something like, “You nailed it!” or “I was howling with laughter all the way through it …. it is all so true …”.

We’ve also gotten comments like this: “Wow and ouch and all in between. But mostly all support and gratitude to the two of you for taking this on and sharing with us and the world what it’s really, really like.”

But a few reactions were along the lines of “”Oh no, you didn’t” … “I can’t believe you went there …”

Oh yes, we did. We went there. We’re going there.

You know why? The answer is in this video, below.

“The two most powerful words when we are in struggle: ‘me, too.'”

That’s exactly why we’re here.