If you suspect that you, or a loved one might suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, complete the
following self-test by clicking the “yes or “no” boxes next to each question. If you or a loved one has
experienced trauma and has answered “yes” to some of these questions, discuss them with your doctor.


Yes/ No Have you, or a loved one experienced or witnessed an event that caused intense fear, helplessness or horror? (yes, in, around, before and after school)


Do you, or a loved one re-experience the event in at least one of the following ways?

Yes/ No  Repeated, distressing memories and/or dreams? (well….I have this dream where it’s drop off and nobody gets out of the car and I drive in circles around and around the school and it’s drop off and nobody gets out of the car and I drive around and around the school and it’s drop off……..)

Yes/ No  Acting or feeling as if the event were happening again (flashbacks or
a sense of reliving it)? ( he will get the homework  in on time…..he won’t be inappropriate….he won’t pants anyone again)

Yes /No Intense physical and/or emotional distress when you are exposed to things that remind you of the event. (like the sound of my phone?) 

Do you, or a loved one avoid reminders of the event and feel numb, compared to the way you felt before, in three or more of the following ways: (does sitting in the same spot staring at the same wall for long periods of time count?)


Yes/ No Avoiding thoughts, feelings, or conversations about it? (What? Look over there! What do you think about avocados?  Did you watch The Housewives last night?)

Yes/ No Avoiding activities, places, or people who remind you of it? (You mean in the town I live in?)

Yes/ No Blanking on important parts of it? (huh?)

Yes/ No Losing interest in significant activities of your life? (like going out?)

Yes/ No Feeling detached from other people? (friends? what friends?)

Yes/ No Feeling your range of emotions is restricted? (not sure.  I can only hear the white noise in my head)

Yes /No Sensing that your future has shrunk (for example, you don’t expect to
have a career, marriage, children, or a normal life span)? (OH BOY!  THAT’S FOR SURE!)

Are you, or a loved one troubled by two or more of the following:

Yes/ No Problems sleeping? (sleep?)

Yes/ No Irritability or outbursts of anger? (only during homework and getting out the door)

Yes/ No Problems concentrating? (I’m sorry…..what was the question?)

Yes/ No Feeling “on guard”? (ummmm… in the principal’s office?) 

Yes /No An exaggerated startled response? (only when I wake up in the morning)

Having more than one illness at the same time can make it difficult to diagnose and treat the different
conditions. Illnesses that sometimes complicate an anxiety disorder include depression and substance
abuse. With this in mind, please take a minute to answer the following questions:

Yes/ No Have you experienced changes in sleeping or eating habits? (like napping with snacks?)

More days than not, do you feel:

Yes/ No Sad or depressed? (only in the morning after I have my startled response)

Yes/ No Disinterested in life? (No way!  THIS is livin’ Baby)

Yes/ No Worthless or guilty? (isn’t that called being a mother?)

During the last year, has the use of alcohol or drugs: (does chardonnay count?)

Yes /No Resulted in your failure to fulfill responsibilities with work, school, or
family? (can I answer this later?  I have to grab ice cream, sit on the couch and watch Bravo)


Yes/ No Gotten you arrested? (not yet)