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Best movie EVER about a kid with issues


Best movie EVER about a kid with issues (in this case, dyslexia and probably ADD/ADHD) … and about the power of art, the power of a great teacher, and the power of parental… Continue reading

Oh no, you didn’t!


We know we’re hitting a nerve – sometimes it’s the funnybone, and sometimes it’s something a whole lot more sensitive ….. Most reactions to our video so far have been something like, “You… Continue reading

World Domination!


So … this blog and our video(s) are part of a larger project, which will also include a book, a movie, a TV show, numerous TED talks and world domination. 🙂 As part… Continue reading

No surprise to us …..


Hey, you know how smart you know your kid is, but sometimes it seems like no one else does? Well, check this out ….. (Not that it’s any surprise to us ….)

Sh*t Moms of Kids with “Issues” Say


Everybody has issues! And every kid can be challenging in some way. That said, ……