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Secret Issues Mom


(After channeling Marlo Thomas with “That Girl,” I have 60s theme songs running through my head …. so if you remember “Secret Agent Man,” please hum that theme song that to yourself as… Continue reading

That [Issues] Mom!


Click on the video below to hear the music for the song! 🙂 Depressed No sleep Needs wine THAT MOM Homework Not done Tantrum IT’S THAT MOM! Her kid’s got ADD And SPD… Continue reading

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


If you have not yet read this book … Stop reading this post right now …. And get the book, and read it!!! ………. OK, if you’re still reading this, it’s because you… Continue reading

Three Little Letters


“The Most Honest and Heartbreaking Reason for Leaving Your Front Door Unlocked I’ve Ever Heard” I could say that the three little letters associated with this video are “OCD.” But really, they are… Continue reading

Timon’s Tongue – a One Millimeter Battleground for “Fairness” and “Equality”


“Seriously, where did any of us ever get the crazy idea that all our kids should be treated equally at any given time?” So wrote one of our wonderful readers (and commenters), HB,… Continue reading