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The Adventures of “Issues” Mom – Vol. I


Here’s a comic book excerpt of our “How to Drive Yourself Crazy in One Easy Lesson”  post from the other day! Stay tuned for more installments of “The Adventures of ‘Issues’ Mom”!!! Advertisements

Drop Your Sensory-Sensitive Kids at the Next APA Convention and Then Meet Me at Starbucks …


Our kids have had Sensory Processing Disorder for so long – and actually grew out of the bulk of it so long ago — that the name changed while we weren’t looking! It… Continue reading

How to Drive Yourself Crazy in One Easy Lesson


Let’s say that on Monday, Jimmy is frustrated. He is totally losing it. No, actually, he has totally lost it. For whatever reason, he just cannot do something – maybe it’s a homework… Continue reading

The Good News Is, It Gets Better. The Even Better News Is ….


I have a dear friend –I’ll call her Gina (not her real name) – whom I would always think of when my own kids were going through their stuff. Gina has two sons.… Continue reading

“You’re Just Not Trying Hard Enough!”


I don’t speak Russian. Or Hindi. Or Korean. Or any other language with a different alphabet. And I certainly can’t read them. I can’t even try to sound them out phonetically, regardless of… Continue reading