Monthly Archive: June, 2013

Looking for Attention in All the Wrong Places


Take one smart boy and add several undefinable learning issues.  Fold in testosterone and a flare for entertaining.  Add a smidge of defiance.  Place him in a high school and don’t focus on… Continue reading

Walking a Mile in Our Kids’ Issues


Ever wonder what it really feels like for your kid in the classroom … from his point of view? Or wish that someone else did … like …. oh, I don’t know, maybe… Continue reading

The Two-Way Mirror


Ruth recently wrote in an email to a friend, “What I do know is that we are striking a chord with a lot of people. The number of women who have thanked us… Continue reading

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions


A long time ago, Martha said – after one of our more difficult, “crying at the kitchen table” moments – “In ten years, we’ll be laughing about this … as we’re recovering from… Continue reading

Best movie EVER about a kid with issues


Best movie EVER about a kid with issues (in this case, dyslexia and probably ADD/ADHD) … and about the power of art, the power of a great teacher, and the power of parental… Continue reading