Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Timon’s Tongue – a One Millimeter Battleground for “Fairness” and “Equality”


“Seriously, where did any of us ever get the crazy idea that all our kids should be treated equally at any given time?” So wrote one of our wonderful readers (and commenters), HB,… Continue reading



In our YouTube video, there’s a bit where Ruth is begging “Jimmy” to write ONE sentence and then ends up doing it herself……with her left hand. It wouldn’t be so funny if it… Continue reading

The Sucker Punch


I probably shouldn’t be so hard on the parents who think their perfect kids are the result of their perfect parenting (and think my kids’ issues are exaggerated, made up, or easily fixed… Continue reading



I have often felt that my school morning ¬†life was like the movie Groundhog Day where Bill Murray keeps living the same day over and over and over……. My Itinerary Drive #1 son… Continue reading

It All Makes Sense Now!


Watching this made me realize — I had two brown furry kitties, and one yellow feathery one! And no amount of treating the yellow feathery one like a brown fluffy one was going… Continue reading